Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back To School Fashion

With the start of the school and university year, millions of teenagers and young adults all over the world are looking for cool new trends to try and incorporate into their wardrobes. The back-to-school trends in urban wear are numerous this season. Here are the biggest of them.

The Studded Handbag
After the huge popularity of studded footwear, it is time for the bags to shine too – adding that extra edgy feel to an otherwise simple everyday school wear, the studded bag is a big hit this fall – Boho, oversized or a dressier design – the choices are plenty.

Colored Jeans
The colored jeans are now part of the urban mainstream, so owning a pair is a must. The best style remains the skinny jeans, but the boot cut and straight leg are also quite popular.

The Oxfords
One of the most comfortable shoes for school or university for both men and women, the classic style of the Oxford shoes might be just what you are looking for this fall. Paired equally well with jeans and trousers, these can now be found with neon soles which modernize the traditional look.

Other trends include the peplum tops and dresses, the classic two-breasted blazer, geometrical prints, shirts with Peter Pan collar. These are all great styles which can brighten up any wardrobe. With these clothes’ versatility you will never wonder what to put on in the morning.


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